Enter your amounts in fields A, B, D, F, H and I (all are required).

A. Amount of Average Sale How much is spent on one sale?

B. Number of Sales per Year: How many times does he/she buy per year?

C. Annual Value of One Customer Gross Sales per Year per Customer.

D. Number of Years a Customer Stays: How many years will a customer keep buying?

E. Lifetime Value of Customer How much we gain from one customer in his lifetime

F. # customers referred per year How many additional clients will he/she refer per year?

G. Total lifetime of 1 lost customer Including lifetime value of referrals from one lost customer

H. # of bad reviews Annually: How many negative reviews do you have?

I. Number of Lost Customers per Review: How many customers lost per negative review? Businesses risk losing up to 22% of their potential new customers with just one negative review.

J. total cost of one bad review Total lost revenue from a single bad review

K. total cost of bad reviews How much is lost in total, from all bad reviews