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Loyalty Programs

We have experience in all facets of Loyalty Programs to help our clients reach their full potential and establish long term business. Deliver to, engage in and reward repeat sales to increase the lifetime value of your customer.

Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are profitable in a variety of ways. They make bigger purchases more often. Many companies certainly value their loyal customers, but these statistics really put into perspective how imperative loyalty is to the longevity and success of any business.

People love deals.
People love competitions.
People love rewards.

Give them all this and more through a Loyalty Programs that are tied to the power of a Messenger Bot experience. Make their lives easy and they’ll love your business long-term.

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The likelihood of a customer returning increases with every purchase.

After 1 purchase: 27% chance of returning.
After 2 purchases: 45% chance of returning.
After 3 purchases: 54% chance of returning.

The same study also found that customers who spend more on their first purchase are twice as likely to convert.
~~ Sumall Report


A 5% boost in customer retention could generate up to a 95% increase in profitability.
~~ Bain & Company

The top 10% of your customer base is spending 3x more per order than your average customer, while the top 1% is spending 5x more per order. The same study also found:

Repeat customers are purchasing nearly 30% more items per order than first-time shoppers.

Compared to first-time shoppers, repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert.

Repeat customers generated three to seven times more revenue per visit.

During the holiday season, Repeat customer spending increased 47% more than first-time shoppers.
~~ Adobe Report